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We Love Kids Giant Summer Card Sale!

Everyone at We Love Kids hopes that our friends and partners are staying well and healthy during this very strange summer season. Fortunately, all of our dear brothers and sisters and our kids are doing well in Vietnam and Cambodia. Our kids both in Vietnam and Cambodia are getting ready to go back to school in late August, for their situations have improved and things are beginning to open up. WLK wants to help get our kids back to school. You can help us do that by buying lots of beautiful greeting cards!

 During a pandemic, we are all still stuck at home much of the time, and it's hard to get everything you need for friends and family. So WLK is offering our all-occasions cards cards at a great discounted rate of  $4-5, including postage. For mixed groups of 10 cards we discount another 10%. Here's a great chance to meet all your card needs right from your own home!

Visit our All Occasion Cards and see our beautiful selection of unique pop-up cards from Vietnam. 

Ferris Wheel

We know you will find some beautiful unique gifts for family and friends in this collection of handmade items. 

Our Little Girl, Sochea

Sochea was born with this skin disease, and she cannot even close her eyes while she is sleeping! Her and her mother started coming to church a couple of months ago, and Trang, my WLK director found out that the new hospital in Kratie will treat her for free! Pray that Sochea is completely healed and that her whole family comes to the Lord. 

Together to the ends of the earth, 



Anglican Frontier Missions Missionary to Vietnam and Cambodia

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