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We Love Kids empowers children in Vietnam and Cambodia through educational scholarships. Education helps prevent human trafficking, drug addiction, and offers an escape from endemic poverty. 
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Joni, AFM Missionary


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Children like this little girl, living in a shack with her mother and several siblings, often start work at 11 years old in slum areas in Vietnam and Cambodia. Going to school not only keeps her from the karoke bars, (soft prostitution) but gives her a way to help her whole family overcome the scourge of endemic poverty and shame.

Our Vision

We Love Kids began in 2003, as I (Joni) and those I worked with saw a great need being left unmet for those children we had invested in over the years. We Love Kids, Ltd. is a registered non-profit charity based in the United States which aids children in Vietnam and Cambodia with educational scholarships, and supplemental assistance (bicycles, rice, clothing and medication) with the goal of preventing human trafficking and ending the cycle of endemic poverty. We Love Kids, Ltd works in conjunction with Anglican Frontier Missions.

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