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From 2005 to 2015 We Love Kids ran a neighborhood school in Phnom Penh for 70 Vietnamese migrant children, who were living in Cambodia without any documentation, and at high risk for human trafficking. Many of these children are grown now, and we continue to be in contact with as many as we can. Many have returned to Vietnam, some to work with family or relatives, and some have even opened their own businesses! We were glad to have had input into their lives!

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Our neighborhood school in Phnom Penh helped the Vietnamese students pictured here continue on for their secondary education. This schooling helped them assimilate into Cambodian society, and now they have jobs, families of their own, and are able to live normal lives in a Cambodian setting.  

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We Love Kids has assisted 2 communities to have an adequate fresh water supply. The wells were drilled near the local church on a Christian’s private land, but the well is for everyone’s use! 

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 From 2005 until 2014, We Love Kids also provided scholarships, medical help and rice subsidies to Vietnamese migrant children  in Kratie township, Kratie  province, enabling 30 children to attend local schools. 

Past Projects

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