WE LOVE KIDS has been helping kids in Vietnam and Cambodia since 2003. Today 250 children receive scholarships in both Vietnam and Cambodia, from 1st Grade all the way to university. Du (pronounced "you") is in university in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She is extremely bright, speaks four languages and is studying economics. Du's dream is to get a scholarship to study in the U.S. in a couple of years

Literacy Center

Stieng believers in Chung Klay village in Eastern Cambodia built their own literacy/church/multipurpose center for training both children and adults in literacy using an audio device from the United Bible society. In the last year and a half, over 30 people, both teens and adults, have learned to read, and 8 adults have committed their lives to the Lord. This is an enormous step forward for these lovely communities, who have suffered from endemic poverty for generations.

RICE...and More...

Even today, in 2017, in Cambodia, little girls have a difficult time going to school. Here, in Eastern Cambodia,  in ethnic minority villages of Stieng people, it is particularly diffiicult. In severe cases, We Love Kids helps families such as this little girl's get a little extra help with rice subsidies until a family can 'get back on their feet.' In this case, the death of a parent put extra hardship on a family of four siblings. 


We Love Kids helps kids go to school with bicycles! To date, 100 bicycles have been provided to children in both countries. 

Light to the World

We Love Kids provides spiritual nurturing through Bible teaching. Both towns and villages in Cambodia are now being saturated with drugs and gangs, as well as 'soft prostitution' in karoke bars. Local church leaders provide loving guidance to help kids be restored to their families.

One of our boys, at 17 years old, had dropped out of high school and was into a lifestyle of drugs and gangs. He met the Lord, and we helped him go through the Teen Challenge course. He is now back home and back in school! 


We Love Kids, Ltd is a non-profit 501c3 charity.   

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We Love Kids Ltd is a registered non-profit which works in conjunction with Anglican Frontier Missions. The  founder and director of We Love Kids, Joni Wise, is an AFM missionary.