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Living Creatively in the Summer of the Pandemic

Dear Friends,

The Giant We Love Kids Card Sale Continues!

Fundraising is very tough during a pandemic! Since all of our other avenues were closed, we came up with a garage sale solution.  For those of you in the KC area, We Love Kids is having a sale out of my garage since we can't meet anywhere else. On AUGUST 29th, from 8-6 pm we are selling beautiful cards and paintings at: 

7005 HADLEY ST OVERLAND PARK KS 66204 can still order them online at discounted prices til the end of August. 

Just click here and see our beautiful selection of unique pop-up cards from Vietnam. 

We know you will find some beautiful unique gifts for family and friends in this collection of handmade items. 


The sweet taste of success! After long years, I have finally finished my doctoral work! Some dear friends gave me a little party to celebrate this great event! My research should be a help for teaching the churches in Vietnam to find ways to bring the gospel within their own culture more effectively. 

We Love Kids High School Scholars have dreams too!

Hello. My name is May Khat.

May Khat is 17, and in the 8th grade. He is trying to stay in school until his graduation, but his parents are subsistence farmers, and live in endemic poverty in a Stieng minority village. 

You can help more kids get their full education this year, in the year of the pandemic. 

Together to the ends of the earth, 



(913) 499-9864

Anglican Frontier Missions Missionary to Vietnam and Cambodia

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