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She's Saying Thank You!

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Dear Friends This is the amazing story of Mrs Le from An Chan village.

Mrs Le At Home In Her Kitchen

Mrs Le accepted Christ when an itinerant evangelist came through her village, but she had no church or fellowship. After marrying, her husband forced her to attend the temple with him. He was not a good husband, and the family lived in severe poverty. One day she came home to find that he had hanged himself from the rafters. After the funeral Mrs Le could not go back into the house as she was too frightened that the house would be taken over by evil spirits (only Christians don’t fear these in Asia!). She began sleeping in a neighbor’s house with her children. One night after she couldn’t stop coughing and was afraid of waking everyone, she went back to her house, knelt at the doorway, and cried out to God. She was able to overcome her fear went back into her house. From that moment, her life changed. About a year later, her children came back from a neighbor’s house, and said, ‘Mom! There are some people over there telling stories about Jesus!’ Seeing their motorbike go by she literally ran after them! When my church planters stopped, she said, “are you Christians?” and when they responded, “yes!” She said, “Would you come and plant a church in my house?” And they did!

Shoes are left at the door to keep the floor clean

Soon, Mrs Le had dozens of children flocking in to hear about Jesus, as the church planters came weekly to teach Bible lessons. At Christmas there were 100 children for the Christmas program. Not being able to read, Mrs Le struggled with her ability to help, but she is now learning to read and we were able to supply her with a Proclaimer device so she can hear the Scriptures anytime. During this time, lovely Vietnamese Christians in the US came alongside and provided materials to erect a simply roof and cement pad for everyone to meet in. Now the church has grown to 10 adults, with many children and young people!

Scholarships are helping many kids to stay in school

Not long after this, WLK partners looked at the need in An Chan village and the parents who were struggling to keep their children in school, and began supporting 70 of them to attend primary school. We Love Kids has come alongside to make sure that these kids are able to go to school regularly. One of the villagers told a story of a little girl who would stand at the schoolroom window trying to listen, as she had no books, uniforms or pencils! It is our goal to help each of the kids in An Chan village to get the education they so desperately need and see these little villages raised out of endemic poverty.

Mrs. Le, our church planter, is saying "Thank you"

Mrs Le’s village had no fresh water source! When our church planters found out about this, they told me and in 12 hours We Love Kids raised enough money to drill a well in the yard of Mrs Le’s house, which  is free for all the villagers. Mrs. Le is amazed at what the Lord has been doing in her life, a widow with three children, living in severe poverty. She’s saying thank you in this video clip.  God is moving among the Stieng people of Cambodia.  We welcome you to join us in continuing to send more children to school. We Love Kids would love to expand our scholarship program in 2020, and you can help. Thank you, thank you to our wonderful partners and supporters!

Serving together, Joni Director, We Love Kids

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." - Jeremiah 29:11

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