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A Cinderella Story

Dear Friends,

God loves working out circumstances into Cinderella stories! Here is one that I have been a part of and want to share with you…

Du (pronounced “you”), who has been one of our We Love Kids scholars for over 10 years, had to leave Vietnam when she was just a girl, and escape to Cambodia with her mom and little brother, Khang. They escaped to Cambodia fleeing an abusive husband and father, and have lived there ever since. Her mom, Trang, started selling food on the street (her only skill was cooking) and eventually found her way to a small Vietnamese church in Phnom Penh where she decided to become a Christian. She started working at the We Love Kids school over 10 years ago, and despite having only 6 grades of schooling, eventually became the Director of our neighborhood school of migrant Vietnamese children until it closed 4 years ago. 

Trang faithfully stood by me during a bout with cancer and when I needed to spend time with my declining father, shouldering a great responsibility, with just minimal training. 

Just 2 months ago, I had the honor of performing the vows for Trang, and her new Vietnamese-American husband, Tai, who has been delighted to step into the role of step dad for two lovely young people who never had a father figure in their lives. 

Trang and Tai - A Cinderella Story

Du graduated a few weeks later from the Cambodia Royal University, and, though only 24,  was immediately hired for a management position in one of the biggest telecom companies in Phnom Penh. 

God has done miraculous things for Trang, Du and Khang, including giving them all a wonderful new husband and father! Trang and Khang are waiting for their papers from the U.S. Embassy to join Tai within the next year in San Diego. Du can’t go on the same visa, being over 21, but our prayer is that she will win a scholarship to get her Master’s degree in the US in the next couple of years. Maybe most exciting is that Tai, Trang’s new husband and the kids new step-father has dedicated his life to serving God in whatever way he can, and he and Trang intend to keep helping We Love Kids in Cambodia.

God has done miraculous things for Trang, Du (Trang’s daughter and a WE LOVE KIDS SCHOLAR) and Khang (Trang’s son) including giving them all a wonderful new husband and father!

What better ending could this story have? 

Thanks to all of you for helping this family become all God intended it to be!

Let’s reach every child in need in Vietnam and Cambodia!


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