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We Love Kids Partners Have Done It Again!!

We are excited about the growth of the church in the Stieng villages!

Wonderful Vietnamese partners from San Diego have come alongside to help our new Stieng Christians. A new church was planted in a neighboring village a year ago. Seyha, the leader of these new Christians was meeting in the home of Mrs. Le, who has become his faithful assistant. Since the church has grown so dramatically, they desperately needed a meeting place, and new partners emerged in the nick of time!

The New Church Plant  One Year Ago
The New Church Plant One Year Ago

Our partners, led by Tai, (who just married Trang, my faithful helper of 12 years), after the wedding, went back to San Diego and told all his friends about the needs in the Stieng village where a group of new believers, most of them young people, were in need of a simple meeting place for Bible study, church and literacy classes. These new church plants means We Love Kids can help more kids go to school, more adults and young people become literate, and more Stieng reached with the good news of Jesus!

Over a few months, Tai raised enough to erect this simple structure that will be a great place for community gatherings. The church started with 5 people and is now over 50!

Even more exciting, four young people were baptized after the dedication!

Pray with us for the development of these wonderful little churches among the Stieng of Cambodia!

Serving Together,


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