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Reaching The Unreached Stieng People

Only 31 Villages To Go!

Dear Friends,

Greetings! We want to share with you about the Stieng of Eastern Cambodia. In past newsletters you have seen these small gatherings and some of the community development we have been doing, but we want to give you the whole picture, and see the wonderful way God is moving in this area. Our Stieng people in this area of Cambodia are considered to be an unreached people group and though there are only 10,000+ Stieng people in about 31 villages, only 10 villages have any Christian presence at all. Seven of these are led by our church planters, below.

Seven Church Planters

Today there are still over 3 billion people who have never once heard the good news about Jesus Christ. These people groups have never been ‘invited to Jesus’ table’ and have no way to hear the message of eternal life in Christ. Click the link below to watch a short video on unreached people groups.

What is a UPG? (Click)

Our seven church planters are doing an amazing, (even miraculous!) job of bringing the gospel to their own unreached villages, as well as several other villages, which now have tiny emerging cell churches in their simple thatched houses. Usually these cells consist of several families and their extended relatives, very similar to what we see in the book of Acts! My goal is now to help these seven bring the gospel, in multiplicational fashion (a cell church planting a cell church in the village next door for example). We are very excited about these churches being planted, and at the same time, We Love Kids comes alongside to make sure the children in that village (whether part of the Christian community or not) has a chance to attend school.

Church Plant in Chung Klay Village

Perhaps most exciting is that Word for the World Translation ministry is in the process of developing a special version of the Stieng Bible just for the Stieng of Eastern Cambodia! All of this great news means that it should not be too long before the total number of villages in the province of Kratie are reached and have their own simple gathering of believers, whether they have any sort of building or not. Please help us pray for our church planters to reach those 31 villages so that the message of Jesus Christ touches every place where the Stieng people are! Together to the ends of the earth,

Joni Director, Anglican Frontier Missions Missionary to Vietnam and Cambodia We Love Kids Ltd is a registered non-profit which works in conjunction with Anglican Frontier Missions. The founder and director of We Love Kids, Joni Wise, is an AFM missionary.

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