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Pray for Vietnam!

Dear Friends,

Greetings prayer partners! I have been chatting with ministry partners in Vietnam and hearing sad stories about the situation regarding Co-vid in Ho Chi Minh City, and all of Vietnam. They need our prayers.

A typical church such as this one in Ho Chi Minh City has not met for nearly two years

Ho Chi Minh city is in it’s 4th lockdown since the pandemic began. This one has lasted over 4 months. People are not even allowed to walk in the street without permission from the local government. There are cases of people sitting on the street outside their homes (no one has a yard, and one is lucky to have a sidewalk area) and the police coming and arresting and/or fining them. This is control to the max! Ho Chi Minh has the most cases in the country with hundreds of deaths every day, and the dead are often placed in mass graves, and the family is not allowed to perform ancestral rites for them, which is at the heart of Vietnamese ethical and spiritual beliefs centering on filial piety. The encouraging news is that various Christian groups have been given permission to distribute food in some areas. The government also has severely limited the transport of food to markets, strangling the supplies coming into the city. In some areas, both rural and urban, there has been hunger. Supposedly the military is giving out subsidies and food items, but this often does not occur. Please pray for Vietnam, for Ho Chi Minh city and especially for those wonderful Vietnamese Christians who are out sharing their faith and distributing food subsidies and risking their own health. Just recently, many of the population have received their first dose of the vaccine, and hopefully Co-vid will abate somewhat. Pray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit in Vietnam during this time!

Clean Water for our Stieng Brothers and Sisters

We are still working to help supply the villagers of Kobay Ch’rom with water filters necessary for drinking water. Your donation helps give these Christian brothers and sisters something we take for granted-clean water to drink.

Serving Together,


AFM Missionary

Director, We Love Kids

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