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A Pail of Water

Dear Friends,

We Love Kids is at it again! Kobay Ch’rom house church, which has been meeting for over 5 years now is in the midst of a drought (again!) as is Kratie Province. The village church, from which 2 of our church planters, Ghen and Boro, come from, are all having to buy drinking water in other villages. As you can see from the video below, all water for washing, clothing and bathing comes from this tiny body of water at one end of the village. A couple of years ago, we suggested raising funds for well drilling and the church members told us, “no it’s okay, help the others first!” Since that time, we learned that the village well is not contaminated, but is filled with minerals that give it a bad taste and a reddish color and the villagers are afraid of it. The best solution is to supply the villagers with water filters that would enable them to draw from the well, and have clean drinking water.

A Pail of Water (Click for video)

Greetings from Mr. Hoc Chay, who helps the church of Kobay Chrom

The Pot with the Silver Lining

These simple water filters were created by a scientist/missionary, and work well in homes with no electricity. To see how RDI water filters are made, click this video.

Each water filter costs $25 - even purchasing one filter will help a whole family!

Thank you for being involved in helping our Stieng brothers and sisters, and the wonderful Stieng scholars of We Love Kids!


AFM Missionary/Director, We Love Kids

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