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What Have We Been Up To?

Building a We Love Kids Literacy Center for 30+ adults and children to go to ‘night school’ in one of our Stieng ethnic minority villages in Eastern Cambodia. Over 10 adults have become Christians since the local church planter, Mr. Khuong started this wonderful program. On Sunday, it becomes a church!

Sending more children to school! Our goal is to keep putting more children in both Vietnam and Cambodia in school! To date, 150 children in Cambodia are sponsored to school through We Love Kids. 100 children in Vietnam are being assisted to receive education as well. We would love that number to rise to 300 this year!

You can help a child go to school. Children need a sponsor! You can help sponsor a child by donating!


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We Love Kids, Ltd is a non-profit 501c3 charity. 


7005 Hadley  Overland Park, Kansas  66204

(913) 499-9864 

joni@welovekids.org;  steve@welovekids.org 

We Love Kids Ltd is a registered non-profit which works in conjunction with Anglican Frontier Missions. The  founder and director of We Love Kids, Joni Wise, is an AFM missionary.