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Water Water Everywhere But Not A Drop To Drink!

Dear Friends,

We Love Kids has had the privilege of building two wells over the past several years due to the generosity of all of you! We are amazingly grateful for your help.

I am leading a team to Cambodia and Vietnam in a few weeks time to do a Community Health Training for five local Stieng people in the village where a new church was planted just one year ago. These first aid workers will help all the local villagers with their first aid and basic health care needs: just simple things like using a thermometer or taking a Tylenol! We are looking forward to seeing how these new Christians can serve their communities which have no basic health care at all.

But our bigger concern is that the village has no fresh water supply! Below is a picture of what is available in the village.

Community Watering Hole - Would Anyone Like A Drink of Water?

Those who can go out to buy drinking water in 20 kilo containers, and haul the water back in. We immediately knew that it was time to start raising the needed funds for this desperately needed water supply, so we are looking to your generosity again. The total costs (including the pump, etc) is $2400, and we have $500 committed already. Our goal is to raise this $1900 before the team heads out to Cambodia on October 23rd. We believe it's do-able!

If you would like to help We Love Kids build our third well, please let us know!

You can donate online at:

Click the “Give” button,

choose the drop down “Build a Well” and we will know how to designate your gift.

Or, just send a check to:

We Love KIds

7005 Hadley

Overland Park KS


Write “Build a Well’ in the memo line of your check.

I expect to give everyone a great report in November, both about the Community Health Training and we hope, the good news that this village with its growing church has a new water supply!

Serving together,


We Love Kids

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