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VBS in Seven Villages

Dear Friends,

Our cell church leaders took on seven villages to present VBS this year, instead of the four villages WLK has normally been helping. Two of these villages have new church plants.

The newest village, Srey Cha, has only just received the gospel message through one of the church leaders, Seyha, in the last 6 months. We reached 640 children in the seven VBS gatherings! Many of these children do not attend the cell church gatherings, so they had a chance to hear and receive the gospel, in some cases for the first time.

VBS Gospel Booklets in Khmer - does Jesus look Cambodian?

Sorya is our latest student to receive high school sponsorship! If you would like to help sponsor a new student into a high school or vo-tech program, please let us know! WLK set a goal of helping 20 secondary school aged students, and this year we have been able to sponsor 16 of them. Only 4 to go! Some students only need $20 a month supplemental help to stay in school, others need more. We can find a student to fit your request!

As always, a big THANK YOU to our wonderful donors, who are helping us sponsor children through high school, build a school, do VBS's and so much more!


AFM Missionary/Director,

Phone: (913) 499-9864

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