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The B'ru Girls of Quang Tri Province

Dear Friends,

We haven’t, in our newsletters covered much of the WLK work in Vietnam, which has been unstoppable these past few years, in spite of the pandemic.

In the province of Quang Tri, in North Central Vietnam, WLK has been helping over 30 ethnic minority B’ru children go to school for over 7 years now! These lovely children have been wonderful students and in spite of great poverty, have stayed in school year after year trying to get their education. Many of these students are from Christian homes, since some of these villages were reached for the gospel before 1975. The B’ru people have seen great oppression and repression under the present political system.

The B’ru girls, living in endemic poverty and in a mountainous area of Vietnam, were not on a track to a bright future, EXCEPT for their wonderful faith in Jesus!

This has sustained all of them through very difficult times. Fortunately in the last few years, political repression has not been so severe, and they are able to meet openly in their own church building in one of their villages for worship every week, and worship in the B’ru language, with their own New Testament.

Our field directors, Thanh and Kim Anh introduced me (Joni) to them some years ago, and WLK started distributing scholarships to aid their schooling. They have been very faithful students, and now some of them have reached high school age. WLK started a jewelry project more than a year ago, and these lovely girls learned in one afternoon how to make jewelry which is soon going to be sold in the Red Thread in Shawnee KS, and soon on our website at

Sidewalk Cafe

Our Last Original Oil Painting, 34" x 34", $200

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and support!


AFM Missionary/Director,

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