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New Horizons for Joni & Gary

“Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done.” Psalms 105:1 NIV

Our wedding day, September 3rd, seemed like a magical day. It was very blessed and so many family and friends were able to be with us for the ceremony and a joyful reception afterwards. Our AFM Director, Pastor Chris Royer flew in to marry us!

We had a wonderful 5 day honeymoon in Barbados...

...then back to Kansas City to pack up as many of Joni’s things as could fit in the car. We then left for Gary’s home in Charlotte, North Carolina!

On the way, we stopped for the New Wineskins Missions Conference in Asheville NC. This conference only happens every three years, and is an Anglican conference featuring missionaries from all over the world! It’s an amazing time to find out about the incredible work of missions and missionaries.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers, gifts and encouragement! We are getting settled into Good Shepherd, a wonderful local church. They have already asked us to join their Global Missions Partnership team. Gary and I hope to head to Vietnam and Cambodia in February, to both do strategic work and teaching among the Stieng, then over to Vietnam to find out about new teaching possibilities with the Vietnamese churches.

God is opening new and exciting doors for us!

A Tribute

A dear friend, and ministry colleague, Le Van Tai, the husband of my previous faithful coordinator, Trang, has passed away of cancer. Trang and Tai were married over 4 years ago, and it took nearly that long for Trang’s immigration paperwork to go through, and for her to be re-united with her husband in April of this year. 6 months later, Tai succumbed to cancer and went on to be with the Lord. His dedication to his Lord and to our Stieng people is unsurpassed. We will remember him always. Please pray for Trang, who only spent a total of 8 months with her husband before he died. During the last 6 months, he was quite ill. Pray for her adjustment in California, as well as her son, Khang, who will join her in a month’s time.​

What’s New with our Stieng Church Planters?

Two men give their lives to the Lord!

There has been a real surge of Stieng (and a few Cambodian!) people coming to faith lately. In the last 6 months there have been 2 more baptisms in 2 villages. Our church planters have been very faithful to share the gospel with those nearby, especially since Co-vid has finally ended. Please continue to pray for their growth and protection, as these churches are “little flames flickering in the wind” and subject to spiritual attacks from different directions. They do continue to grow!

Much love and many thanks to you, our faithful friends, family and partners, who are bringing the gospel to those at the ends of the earth!

Joni & Gary

We Love Kids

Anglican Frontier Missions

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