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Meet Our Partners

Teach me thy way, O LORD. . . - Psalm 86:11

These good friends from Campbell River Vancouver, Michael and Chelsey came to visit Eastern Cambodia and our Stieng children a year ago, visiting villages, playing soccer, sponsoring a child and  just getting involved. They saw a real need: In the newest Stieng village, where our church planters have pioneered a brand new church plant, most of the kids were unable to go to school - the parents just couldn’t afford the supplies and uniforms. So- over the last few months, they raised enough funds to put 55 more kids into school! Those 55 kids were just enrolled a few weeks ago! These joint efforts are making inroads into endemic poverty for a total of 200 Stieng children.

We Love Kids is committed to keeping all these kids in school until high school graduation.

What a great idea! If you think your church or fellowship, or just yourself and a group of friends would like to put a group of Stieng children into school, let us know! We hope to raise up more We Love Kids partners.

And, THANKS again to ALL our wonderful dedicated We Love Kids partners! 

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