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A New Church

A New Church

We have wonderful news in the ethnic minority villages of the Stieng, who I have been writing about over the last couple of years. Six months ago, our key church planter, Seyha, (who you have seen in lots of pics!) went into a new village, Prek Anchan, to do a VBS. Amazingly in this setting, a woman came running up to him and said, "oh you are Christians? I became a Christian a few years ago, but never had a chance to study the Bible, or find a church, since there are none here. Can we start a church in my house?” From this wonderful divine appointment, a simple house church was planted. Along with a small group of adults, there are now 120 children and teenagers coming twice a week to her house for Bible study! We may be seeing a move of the Holy Spirit! 

Along with this, the other small villages are also becoming more stable, and seeing steady growth. Chung Klay village, where We Love Kids built a simple literacy center, continues to minister to both adults and children, and now has a group of adults meeting regularly who have given their hearts to the Lord. 

Tell us about Jesus

Isn’t it amazing what God can do through children’s ministry? Everyone in Cambodia is very excited and encouraged. 

Please continue to pray for us that these little churches can raise up young leaders who are stable, strong and dedicated. 

Joni Director, We Love Kids 

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