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Ministry Opportunities

Dear Friends,

We are so excited that the We Love Kids school fund has doubled since we committed to building a private school in Snoul, Eastern Cambodia. But we have a long way to go. You can help us "build a school in Snoul", help these local students to finish their secondary schooling, and move on to a brighter future. At the same time, the local house church plants continue to reach out to these children. Many of them have been touched by the Lord and come faithfully to church, or to student Bible studies. It's so exciting to see what the Lord is doing, both in their lives and in the hope that their futures hold as quality education is brought into their community. Help us to "build a school in Snoul" next year!

Rendering of "school in Snoul" to come

Typical Youth Bible Studies being done in several of the local house churches

We've reached our goal of sponsoring 20 students in Eastern Cambodia!

We wrote previously that we had "nearly" reached our goal of sponsoring 20 students in Eastern Cambodia to high school or vo-tech school! We are now at 22 students! Thank you for your generous and faithful help! If you would like to be our 23rd sponsor for the High School Project in Cambodia, please make a donation:

We would love to share our wonderful pop-up cards here !

We have cards for every occasion!

As always, a big THANK YOU to our wonderful donors, who are helping us sponsor children through high school, build a school, do VBS's and so much more!

Joni & Gary

AFM Missionary

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