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A Cup of Living Water

It’s been an amazing December in our five Stieng churches. Each church held wonderful outreaches over Christmas, and 50 children and 10 adults in the five villages accepted Christ. The church planters have done wonderful work and the harvest among the Stieng people is coming in!

Please pray with us for the new Stieng believers, as they leave off attending Buddhist temple services, and give up altars in the their homes, pledging their allegiance to Jesus alone!

We are also excited that our Anglican mission in Cambodia is helping these new believers to receive a Bible. The church planters have a big job ahead doing discipling and caring for them.

Christmas Highlights In Five Villages

Young people presenting the gospel in song

Stieng youth groups present Christian music in the Stieng Tongue

God's Amazing Provision for Fresh Water!

One of our Stieng villages has had a struggle obtaining fresh water for a long time. Most drinking water comes out of ponds, so drinking water often has to be bought outside of the village and carried in, especially in the dry season. Last fall, We Love Kids decided to begin a project to purchase water filters for the two hundred households of Kobay Chrom village. By January enough funds had come in from Giving Tuesday on Facebook and other generous donors to purchase enough for the entire village! Last week our church planters did an educational presentation on using the filters and distributed them. These filters only need a replacement part after 2-3 years, and use a special technology that works anywhere fresh water is not available.

Learning how to use a water filter

By helping your Stieng brothers and sisters, you've loved your neighbor as yourself.

Thank you for your prayers for the Stieng people!

Serving Together,


AFM Missionary

Director, We Love Kids

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