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These unique 3-D pop up cards are imported from Vietnam. We are pleased to offer them as a way to support We Love Kids programs to help children escape endemic poverty and human trafficking.


a We Love Kids Christmas in Eastern Cambodia

All of our We Love Kids scholars (only a few of whom are pictured here) had a wonderful time at Christmas! Here is a little excerpt.

This group of children are from the Stieng ethnic minority group, living in simple villages, and many of the children’s families cannot afford to send them to school.

Our goal is help EVERY Stieng child to go to school!

Help us achieve our goal! We have placed over 100 children in school already, and there, are we figure, several hundred more in villages surrounding this one.

You can help by going to www.welovekids.org and choosing the DONATE button, then putting in your credit card info.

Upon request, we will send a picture of a Stieng child.

THANK YOU for helping We Love Kids!


“I Know the Plans that I have for You!”

Image 2-18-17 at 9.51 AM
Even today, in 2017, little girls have a difficult time going to school. Here, in Eastern Cambodia, our local church leader, Seyha, works hard to get all of the ethnic minority children in surrounding villages into local schools. While fees are very low, most of them cannot even afford the uniforms, curriculum books and pencils.

We Love Kids is working hard to get, in particular, ethnic minority children in the Stieng villages into school. This is a great day for this little girl and her 3 brothers and sisters, as We Love Kids is sponsoring all 4 of them to local schools.

Help us sponsor them all!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD,
“plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future…”
Jeremiah 29.11

If you would like to sponsor a Stieng child, let us know and we will send you a file and a picture.


NEW MINISTRY CENTER- happening now!

We are so excited that we have at last broken ground on the new ministry center in Kratie, Cambodia!
The ministry center will be multi-purpose- a wonderful place for folks to come and study about how to follow Jesus, a wonderful place to do simple agricultural development, a wonderful place to help and protect children! Pray with us that it will be built well and finished soon!




Living Water!

We were, thanks to generous donors, able to drill 2 wells in drought-stricken minority Stieng villages in Eastern Cambodia where I oversee church planters and small cell churches. Due to severe drought conditions, our villages were left with virtually no water, not only for agriculture, but even community wells for drinking, cooking and washing had become nearly non-existent. Literally at the most desperate time, a team came in from my home church (Cross Points Church) and saw the situation… three weeks later, two villages have community wells- enough water not only for the Christian families, but for everyone! The village leaders were very excited that their Christian neighbors were so generous. A wonderful witness from our Stieng Christians, who are, in fact, generous to a fault!


A Place of Hope

Check out our new video- it tells our story in images and music.


Where do they all come from?

We Love Kids is reaching more and more kids in more and more villages! The most wonderful part of our story is that our little Christian communities are reaching out to help more kids know Jesus and to put even MORE kids in school! WLK now sends 104 kids to school in Cambodia alone…not counting our scholarships in Vietnam!


New Hope Center, coming to Kratie, Cambodia soon!

An architect's rendering of our new ministry center!

An architect’s rendering of our new ministry center!

Kids like these 2 orphaned children will be helped at our new center as well. Partner with us in prayer and support as we move toward the building phase!IMG_0338_2


A wonderful summer in the Stieng villages in Eastern Cambodia!

image image image image image imageIt’s been a special summer in the ethnic minority villages of the Stieng people in Eastern Cambodia. My church planters and I decided to have an intensive outreach among the kids in these villages, and do simple, fun Vacation Bible school outreaches with Bible stories, games and crafts. Amazingly, it wasn’t just the kids who responded! In 6 villages, 126 Stieng people, 29 of whom were adults professed Christ right in the outreach time!


We were awed at the wonderful response, and so excited to see God move among the Stieng people in Cambodia (just across the border in Vietnam, 50% of the Stieng are dedicated Christians).


On top of this, the Stieng New Testament is on its way to Cambodian Stieng people- they use a Khmer (Cambodian) Bible, because they have never had their own Bible in their heart language- that is about to change! Shortly,  Stieng leaders are coming to teach our Stieng cell church leaders to read their very own Stieng alphabet.


Pray for our few Stieng house church leaders, who now have to help disciple many new believers in remote villages. They are very excited, but feeling the burden of new responsibilities.



You Are Invited To An Online Art Auction!

You Are Invited To An Online Art Auction!


“All Together” One of several mixed media items currently offered












We Love Kids is an organization that has been supporting education and community efforts for at risk kids in Cambodia and Vietnam since 2001. Art work being offered in this auction is mixed media artwork by We Love Kids friends and supporters as well as photography prints of some of the kids the organization is supporting. 100% of the proceeds will go to the kids and the projects that are making their communities a safer, better place to live. Help us bring hope and the love of God to these kids in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Mixed media pieces as well as photographs are available in several size options: prayer reminder cards (3X4 post cards), 5X7, 8X10 and 16X20.

Ebay auction site launches this week!

Enjoy the art, browse and bid on something you like!