Our Story

We Love Kids is holistic! Our LONG TERM goal is to purchase a piece of land
to help our kids (and our staff and church planters) not be reliant on
us…their greatest need is, as for all of us, having too many mouths to
feed. Our people in Kratie are landless, and if we have a community owned
piece of land, we can do simple projects, such as tilapia ponds, raising
pigs and chickens, and community gardens. We CAN become self-sustaining.
The good news is that area we are working in has very little local
vegetable production, and if we do well, we could sell this and become
Help us reach our goal of $15,000. This is all we need FOREVER to help a
young Christian community stand on its feet! If you give for this project,
please write in the COMMENT form what your donation is going to help. THANK
Watch the video below to see why this is so needed!


We love kids was founded in 2001 when its founding missionary, Joni Wise, who had been working in Vietnam for nearly 10 years came to the realization that preaching a spiritual message about Jesus was important, but that we as Christians need to be the hands or Jesus also..surrounded by abject poverty. One of Joni’s donors came to her and said, “God has spoken to me, ‘Feed my lambs’ – I believe we need to start feeding hungry kids. So, WLK began its first Saigon feeding program for100 street kids. At the same time, we started a very small scholarship program for children who were from families in grave economic difficulty, many of whom were in areas which were not friendly to Christians, thus hindering any development possibilities. In our first year, we only sponsored 3 kids. But that dramatically increased in the succeeding years. Since 2000, we have sponsored or have helped over 500 children, all for at least 2 years, some for over 5 years. Some of our children have become adults, married, and a  few are in high school. A few were taken directly off the streets of both Saigon and Phnom Penh and placed in homes of Christians who help street kids. Today, WLK supports kids in both Vietnam and Cambodia. Our kids in VN cannot be reached by any large organization. Some of our kids come from remote villages where little development has begun, and some of them live in environments politically hostile to the gospel message.

In Cambodia, in  Phnom Penh, we sponsor children who are at risk for trafficking to either go to school or learn a vocation.To date, we have helped 8 girls in both Vietnam and Cambodia to avoid the trap of a lifestyle of prostitution.

Over the last few years, we have helped over 500 children to obtain some level of literacy. A few of our children have entered high school and will graduate soon. Several of our girls have obtained vocational technical training and are learning a trade so that they will be able to adequately support themselves.
Living Conditions
These are the living conditions of many of the new believers. We believe we can change this!