You Are Invited To An Online Art Auction!

You Are Invited To An Online Art Auction!


“All Together” One of several mixed media items currently offered












We Love Kids is an organization that has been supporting education and community efforts for at risk kids in Cambodia and Vietnam since 2001. Art work being offered in this auction is mixed media artwork by We Love Kids friends and supporters as well as photography prints of some of the kids the organization is supporting. 100% of the proceeds will go to the kids and the projects that are making their communities a safer, better place to live. Help us bring hope and the love of God to these kids in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Mixed media pieces as well as photographs are available in several size options: prayer reminder cards (3X4 post cards), 5X7, 8X10 and 16X20.

Ebay auction site launches this week!

Enjoy the art, browse and bid on something you like!


Timothy Trung Nguyen‎ BẠN HỮU ÂM NHẠC


Timothy Trung Nguyen ‎BẠN HỮU ÂM NHẠC


Merry Christmas from We Love Kids!


2014 has been a wonderful year for us at We Love Kids!







Our community has started growing food! We plan to see this become a way for our church planters and community to begin producing enough to become self-sustaining in 2015.









We Love Kids has 160 kids receiving scholarships in Vietnam and Cambodia!


One of our girls living in the Kratie slum, named Bopha, diagnosed with terminal cancer 2 years ago is still living a normal pain free life! This is miraculous! She was diagnosed 2 years ago with only a few months to live.


We rejoice in this wonderful Christmas season.

Thanks to our wonderful supporters and prayer warriors!



Look what you’ve done now!










It’s time for a quick update! First of all, many, many thanks to all of you for your continuous faithful support and intercession. I am really happy that there has been so much progress in Kratie, Cambodia! Our faithful, devoted church planters in Cambodia, Sambath, Sambo, Seyha, and our church planters in training continue to move forward, in spite of numerous difficulties. In the past few weeks there was serious flooding in the Kratie area. The Vietnamese villagers weren’t able to register for any relief aid since the police collected all their temporary residence cards 2 years ago and never re-issued any new ones. Our little group of Christians distributed packages of rice and flour (pictured above) to 87 families in the 2 Vietnamese villages. Our new churches in Kratie did the distribution. What a great witness!
My wonderful coordinator, Trang, in Phnom Penh, continues to oversee our scholarship kids and has done a fabulous job! We now have a total of over 140 kids who are sponsored to attend school through We Love Kids, about half in Vietnam and half in Cambodia. We hope to grow that to 200 over the next year. Your support helps make this possible.
Personally, things are going well for me. As many of you know, I am spending more time with my dad as he is in his twilight years. I have also taken on doing part-time PhD research, which is a huge challenge. I was blessed with scholarships to do this, and though it’s been difficult time-wise, it has been really exciting for me, personally. I believe I can contribute to helping Vietnamese churches grow and find ways to practice their faith, both inside and outside the church, giving a good testimony to their own society. We appreciate your help, prayers, and faithful commitment! You are helping change your world!
If you would like to help, please visit
Would you like to change the world?
You can help a child attend school, have a daily meal, purchase books and supplies for $20 per month.
Help make a difference at, or click this   button, or contact us to talk.
WeLoveKids helps Vietnamese kids at risk to receive ministry, food and training
so they may enjoy a future free from poverty and the bondage of human trafficking.
10349 Century Lane, Overland Park, Kansas, 66215

WE LOVE KIDS has 130 Scholarships!!

We are really excited that over the last year, in spite of many financial ups and downs, We Love Kids now has a total of 130 kids being sponsored! That includes kids who go to local schools in Vietnam, kids who go to local schools in Kratie, Cambodia, kids who go to private schools in Phnom Penh, kids who go to kindergarten, kids who receive rice supplements, and kids who receive bicycles!


and…this month is our yearly Vacation Bible School, which will reach 300 kids in Central Cambodia!! We’ll post pics of that next week. !00 of those kids (nearly all non-Christians) in an area 50 km from the township of Kratie, are Vietnamese, Cambodian, and an ethnic minority, Stieng.

Pray for our wonderful church planters, children’s coordinators, and helper (some of whom are only 15) as they do this wonderful ministry, and we believe, see children come to receive Jesus!


We Love Kids

We Love Kids



“The generous will prosper, those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed”

One of our newest Christians in our newest church plant outside of Kratie, Cambodia, Mr. Pun, just accepted the Lord at Christmas. A few weeks ago he was in a bad accident. The doctor told him he would have to have an eye removed. After this devastating diagnosis, the new Christians rallied around him, visited and prayed. The little church took up an offering to help him receive an artificial eye. Between his wife getting help from people she knew, and two little (and very poor!) churches giving as much as they could, they raised half of what he needed! We Love Kids helped with the rest, and he now will have an artificial eye to help him normalize his life. We Love Kids, with help from another generous donor, also helped his son get a bicycle to get back to school. Sometimes having a bicycle is the “make or break” issue that determines if a child stays in school or not. Thanks to our wonderful donors who helped this family out in a time of crisis!




Here are some beautiful pictures of some of our kids in Vietanm, past and present! Some of them are from ethnic minority tribes, such as the Katu.
We have 6 beautiful Katu girls who are able to go to school, as there is no school in their little village.








Put out to work at nine years old? Thao’s story:


20140328-115738.jpg Thao is 9. She has already worked as a domestic in someone's home for several months to offset the terrible poverty her family is dealing with. Her mother, who has become a dedicated Christian, is raising six children alone. Her husband is such a severe alcoholic that he sometimes loses his mind and wanders around in a a complete daze. Thao spends her days taking care of three younger preschool aged siblings so that her mother can do laundry in a washtub to earn their living.
The good news is that Thao has recently joined our new literacy class in the slum area across the street and is finally learning how to read and write in her mother tongue. The other good news is that we are sending a washing machine to Kratie, kept in the home of our church planter, and Thao's mother can double her income by having access to it! Sometimes simple improvements can make a huge difference in someone's life!

We believe that Thao's life can change! Believe with us! If you would like to help Thao, just donate through the WLK website and note that on your donation. >


A Great Reminder about kids who need us to pray for them!