Truly Free!

Some of you may remember one of our girls, (not named) who we at WLK have worked with for over 5 years, and who has a very troubled background, came to the Lord and was baptized about 2 years ago. Her mom, though not a Christian, even came to her baptism and was “cheering her on!” We hoped this was the happy ending to her story! However, enter the older siblings who were determined to bring temptation into her life. Although we had enrolled her in a Christian hairdressing school, and she learned a trade over the next year, the family’s influence was strong. She decided to follow her older sister’s advice and went into a coffee shop, at the age of 16. Over the next few months, we pursued her, and tried to persuade. However, we lost touch with her when she changed her phone number.

I told my heartbroken staff, “we still have the power of prayer- God will bring her back!” And that is exactly what happened: a few weeks ago, one of our younger students saw her working in a small hairdressing stall in the market and came and told us…When we went to find her, she was excited to see us, and has come to our center on Sunday evenings since then…we can only thank God that when the temptation came, she made the right choice!

Rejoice with us!