The story of Sambath

Sambath sitting in one of the houses in the Vietnamese slum area of Kratie

Sambath is one of our greatest champions for the forgotten Vietnamese kids of Cambodia. Her and her family migrated over from a very poor province of Vietnam some years ago, hoping for better economic opportunities. Unfortunately, the poverty in Cambodia is more severe than the Mekong Delta, and life in Kratie has been a struggle for them. But they always find some way to survive. A few years ago, Sambath became a believer and follower of Jesus, and that changed her life dramatically. She developed a great desire to help those around her who were even more unfortuate! She started going into the slum areas of Kratie next to her house in her Vietnamese village, and found all kinds of horrors…kids who were born HIV positive, kids with malnutrition, kids who go out to recycle cans and bottles at 8 and 9 years old. ..and kids who were being sold into prostitution and coffee shops at 14.  She was determined to do something about it. When I (Joni) saw what she was attempting to do, we started the Kratie Kids feeding program, and every day 8 kids come to her house for a nutritious meal. She teaches some of them basic literacy, and Bible lessons on Sunday. Sambath has incredible courage, and has perserved in very tough circumstances. Some of the kids have become dedicated Christians. Stand with us in your prayers and support to help great workers like Sambath!