What is it like to be born HIV positive and at risk for human trafficking?

Well, some of the kids we work with here at the We Love Kids centers know…and here are a few of their stories (their names have been changed to protect their privacy).

Mai, a little girl born in Phnom Penh, to a prostitute mother, is being raised by her gandparents. Her mother died of AIDS. Mai was born HIV positive. The grandparents, we suspect, run a gambling den secretly in their little house. Fortunately, Mai’s grandparents love her. When we approached them, several years ago, about getting the new anti-retro viral drugs for Mai, they agreed immediately. Mai has been on them ever since. Though small for her age, her health is stable. Unfortunately we suspect that her half-sister, who is older than Mai, has entered the world of prostitution. No one at Mai’s house will talk about her. Mai is 10 years old now, a lovely girl. She comes to our center for discipleship group regualarly. Two years ago, we baptized Mai, after she begged us repeatly, and Grandma and Grandpa finally agreed. We were surprised at that, since they had always seemed rather hostile toward us. Mai is doing well, though being HIV positive is a shadow over her life that will never go away. Will she live to adulthood? No one knows.